Created for our most passionate, free-spirited alcohol-free aficionados.

What Is The Free Spirits Club?

The Free Spirits Club is a monthly subscription club that offers customised and new alcohol-free distilled blends
The idea drew inspiration from our ever-so-popular cocktail recipe series.

Our Next Step Forward In This Never-Ending Mission

We understand that the world of alcohol-free products is a diverse one - which is why each monthly Free Spirits Club shipment is an exciting experience in itself. Every month presents a new flavour. A new feeling. A new journey for your palate to embark on.

A New World Of Alcohol-Free Distilled Creations

If you're a free spirit looking for a unique, satisfying and regular alternative to alcohol, this club is the perfect fit for you. 

Another Step Forward For Alcohol-Free Enthusiasts & The Free Spirited Alike!

Your involvement in The Free Spirits Club community will make an impact on not only the trajectory of Ecology & Co, but also the wider alcohol-free market in New Zealand.

to become a member of this exclusive club

Register below and then wait for an email confirmation. We’re initially limiting the club to 100 members, in order to prioritise the creative distillation process. Once this limit is reached, a waitlist will be created while we sort out the logistics of allowing for more members…