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Ecology & Co

London dry

700ml Alcohol-Free Distilled Spirit

A traditional blend of juniper, coriander, and lemon, with floral and pine notes for a familiar, fragrant taste and a long, refreshing finish. Brilliantly vibrant. Naturally uplifting. Undeniably different. Discover London Dry >>

Asian Spice

 700ml Alcohol-Free Distilled Spirit

A complex blend of cardamom, cassia, sweet basil and citrus. Earthy black pepper notes round off the flavour profile for a soft-spiced, warm, sensual finish. Invitingly aromatic and uniquely sweet. Discover Asian Spice >>

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Order a subscription and lock in a 15% discount on 1 bottle or 20% off 2 or more bottles and have them arrive as often as you want. Simply order your favourite blend (or a mix of both), select a quantity, set the frequency and leave the rest to us. Launching soon in Australia!

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The story of every bottle of Ecology & Co. is the same, but uniquely different




Every bottle of Ecology & Co. starts its journey as a selection of the finest ingredients. Fragrant aromatics, zesty spices and no artificial flavours or aromas ensure that the final product is a feast for the senses

We then distil each of the botanical ingredients individually without using any alcohol. This may seem like a painstaking process but we do so because it allows us to finely tune the flavour profile of each bottle of Ecology & Co.

The end product is a truly alcohol-free distilled spirit that is sure to satisfy even the most refined palette. It’s a sugar-free, carb-free, fat-free and alcohol-free beverage base that’s perfect to enjoy at any time or any occasion

We’re Ecology & Co, social enterprise and artisan producers of distilled alcohol-free spirits, consciously crafted in New Zealand.

Not too long ago we were socially challenged. You see, as our lifestyles became healthier, entertaining became harder. Finding a grown-up drink that gave us the same fulfilling experience as our alcohol-filled favourites, was a lost cause… and if you love to socialise like us, you’ll understand the dilemma we were in. That’s what led to the creation of Ecology & Co!

– Diana Miller, Founder

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0624 New Zealand
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