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Every bottle of Ecology & Co. starts its journey as a selection of the finest ingredients. Fragrant aromatics, zesty spices and no artificial flavours or aromas ensure that the final product is a feast for the senses. We then distil each of the botanical ingredients individually without using any alcohol. This may seem like a painstaking process but we do so because it allows us to finely tune the flavour profile of each bottle of Ecology & Co. The end product is a truly alcohol-free distilled spirit that is sure to satisfy even the most refined palate. It’s a sugar-free, carb-free, fat-free and alcohol-free beverage base that’s perfect to enjoy at any time or any occasion.

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Customer Reviews

Love the taste and very refershing.

Love the taste and very refershing. One still feels part of the party and sophisticated when drinking Asian Spice.
Catherine S.

The best non-alcoholic gin I’ve tasted so far!

The best non-alcoholic gin I’ve tasted so far! And made in NZ, with no artificial sweeteners. I’ve tried it in some mocktails, but simply enjoy this one with some tonic, a slice of lemon and sprig of mint. Keep up the good work, folks.
Nikki S.

Fabulous product that lives up to its name.

Fabulous product that lives up to its name. Easy to go alcohol free. So good to have a refreshing option that isn’t sugar/juice based. Thank you.
Jo D.

Excellent product.

Excellent product. A super delicious alternative...
Catherine B.


Delicious, such a wonderful addition to the drinks cabinet
Lise D.

Definitely be buying more

The Ecology Dry London Gin was tasty and authentic. Definitely be buying more
Robyn H.


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Green Tea Collins

Gin Fizz

London Dry & Tonic

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