London Dry – Alcohol-Free Distilled Spirit – 700ml

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A traditional, familiar, fragrant taste and a long, refreshing finish. Brilliantly vibrant. Naturally uplifting. Undeniably different.

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Alcohol-free does not mean giving up the flavour sensations you love. Enjoy the traditional blend of juniper, coriander and lemon, with floral and pine notes for a familiar, fragrant taste and a long, refreshing finish. Brilliantly vibrant. We created our London Dry alcohol-free distilled spirit as the perfect replacement for traditional liquor in your much-loved G&T!

Have a look at this gorgeous Cherry Blossom Tonic non-alcoholic cocktail created by the talented An Nguyen on Instagram. The alcohol-free possibilities are truly endless!

For the more adventurous palette, we recommend our Asian Spice alcohol-free distilled spirit.

Juniper, Coriander, Lemon, Liquorice Root, Angelica, Cassia, Basil, Cumin, Black Pepper and Orris.

NO alcohol, NO sweeteners, NO carbs, NO regrets.


Pour 50ml over ice with tonic (we love Fever-Tree and Strangelove No.8) and garnish with fresh lemon.

View recipes and serving suggestions


10-15 Days.


There are many health reasons to limit your alcohol intake. Beyond this, we were fed up with the mundane non-alcoholic options offered at most restaurants, bars and social gatherings and so we created our range of alcohol-free distilled spirits.

Visit the DryJuly website to discover what a month off drinking does for your body

73 reviews for London Dry – Alcohol-Free Distilled Spirit – 700ml

  1. Hugo (verified owner)

    No longer do the designated drivers have to be stuck on juice and water! This product is a game changer since it tastes just like the real thing, which is very much unlike competitor products. As a responsible host, I always have a couple of bottles handy in my drinks cabinet!

  2. Mac (verified owner)

    Nice alternative to the real thing.

  3. lisa (verified owner)

    Love it, actually tastes like gin without the alcohol. Yay!

  4. Dave .loveday (verified owner)

    A great new addition too anyone’s party. Top quality gin , alcohol free

  5. Dulcie Grace (verified owner)

    Last night amongst the turmoil of a changing world I sat down with a large glass of ecology London dry ice and tonic…..bliss felt like and tasted like the real thing. Love it

  6. EF (verified owner)

    Great quality and beautiful taste. Bought as gift and the recipient was really pleased, would love a gift wrap option for online purchasing.

  7. Sophie (verified owner)

    A healthy alternative to my usual tipple – I didn’t miss the alcohol at all

  8. Olivia (verified owner)

    Fantastic product, so much better than I was expecting. Looking forward to trying out the cocktail recipes.

  9. Jane (verified owner)

    Ecology London Dry is my new favourite drink – perfect.

  10. Jennie (verified owner)

    Great product- lovely bottle and really good taste. Best of all made in NZ.

  11. Fiona (verified owner)

    Terrific! Tastes just like the real thing 🙂

  12. Sharee Williams (verified owner)

    I was pleasantly surprised. Ecology is an excellent tasting alternative to the real thing and the bottle is stunning. It would make a really lovely gift for someone.

  13. Jude Upton (verified owner)

    Fantastic product, this makes a lovely refreshing drink and I find it great for those days when you just feel like a g & t but don’t want or need the alcohol. I have also used it after having a couple of alcoholic drinks and still have that desire to drink so changed to the Ecology + Co London Dry. Mixed with Fever Tree Naturally Light Tonic this makes an ultra low calorie drink.

  14. amy carter (verified owner)

    love the fact i can get my hands on a kiwi made alcohol-free drink..quite a mellow really looking forward to treating myself to a bottle of asian spice gin after receiving a wee taster bottle..quite the bite to it!

  15. Jacqui Land (verified owner)

    Awesome product. Have tried a few similar products but this is by far the best. It is a realistic substitute for the real thing and better still NZ made.

  16. Celia Kennedy (verified owner)

    Love this! <3 thank you Ecology & Co for making such a stunning non-alcoholic drink in a very beautiful bottle 🙂

  17. Emma Waters

    Incredible service! Plus, such a great tasting alternative to gin – I like mine with just plain soda water but imagine it would be lovely with tonic too. It’s a wonderful drink in its own right – not just because you dont want to or can’t drink alcohol.

  18. Paul Hargreaves (verified owner)

    Reducing alcohol consumption is hard unless you have a “proper” adult alternative! This London Dry does that.

  19. Margaret (verified owner)

    Wonderful service and a fabulous alterantive to alcohol. I still feel part of the party and I love it

  20. Nick Chivers (verified owner)

    Very pleased with this fine-tasting drink – over ice with tonic and a slice of lemon – and other family members who tried it agree. A proper adult alcohol-free drink that tastes and feels right.

  21. Margaret Wood (verified owner)

    Really enjoying my alcohol free London Dry! Am also sleeping better as alcohol Impacts negatively on this. Looking forward to tasting my sample bottle of Asian Spice.

  22. Bill MacGregor (verified owner)

    A good replacement for the alcoholic variety. I drank it with a twist of grapefruit and Schweppes Indian Tonic. Very nice but also very moreish so I drank the whole lot in about a week! I’ll be ordering more.

  23. Pete McGregor (verified owner)

    I have to say these guys provide the best service imaginable
    I did a silly thing and put my eco gin in the freezer like I normally do with my alcoholic gin – of course it exploded how dumb is that
    anyhow I happened to mention this to Eco who promptly sent me a free replacement!
    now back to the gin. It’s very nice and refreshing. I have to say it doesn’t totally replace a good G and T but comes pretty close. I now have two glasses of this then finish with a glass of the real stuff so my alcoholic intake has been reduced substantially

  24. shirley Julian (verified owner)

    I am enjoying my London Dry, straight, with Fever Tree Indian Tonic, and Fever Tree Ginger ale. Delicious and satisfying. At last an adult alcohol free drink that is enjoyable. So good, I now have a subsciption! A great company to deal with and wish them success.
    Cheers! Shirley

  25. Rose (verified owner)

    Excellent product! Refreshing and perfect with sparkling tonic and a slice of lemon. Definitely my drink of choice these days. I loved the little sample bottle of Asian Spice that came with my online order and I’ll buy one of those next time as well.

  26. JMR (verified owner)

    Love the London dry- much better than the competition. Delicious with fresh lime and tonic yum

  27. Jo (verified owner)

    Best Alcohol free Gin on the market. Add a diet tonic and you have a zero calorie drink – perfect for dry July and getting rid of lockdown weight gain 😂

  28. Sue (verified owner)

    Fantastic taste, and you can’t tell it doesn’t have alcohol in it. So I still have a gin and tonic like others around me, but as it has no alcohol, I have so many more alcohol-free days! Much better health-wise!

  29. Chrissie W (verified owner)

    Another review marked this product as a ‘game changer’ – they were not wrong.
    Finally I have a drink that I can enjoy (that is not water or orange juice!)

    It’s great and tastes like the real thing but panders to my ‘safe driver’ and preference to have non alcohol days but still feel like part of the crowd.

    You know what else I love? It’s the personal delivery and the time taken for a handwritten note. Who said service was dead in NZ. You guys rock.
    If you offered a top notch gift wrapping and delivery service – I’d be purchasing it for others too!

  30. Bill

    I am not sure why everyone says its the same as the real thing – its not, nowhere near. It has a very NON gin taste, a bit of an after taste that is not pleasant. Lost of 5 star reviews but I am sorry to say mine is 2. I did blind G&T taste with standard Gordons, 2 specialist Gins from NZ and Eco. The ECO was way down. Sorry folks but probably the bottle will now languish in the cupboard.

    • Diana Miller (verified owner)

      Hi Bill, Thanks for your review. For sure its not going to suit everyones taste. Can I confirm that you tasted it with tonic (or with the mixer you usually use)? And also, did you get a sample to try of the Asian Spice, in case that is more to your taste? Am happy to send one at no cost for you to try if you would like me to? Cheers Di

  31. Rhonda (verified owner)

    The London Dry has a lovely refreshing taste, and I genuinely felt like I was having a Gin and Tonic .. the perfect alternative when you don’t want to imbibe in alcohol . I am a fan.
    Also I love the bottle and labeling – a good gift for any adult.

  32. maree (verified owner)

    Perfect gin and tonic especially for my daughter who doesn’t drink alcohol but enjoys the flavour of Gin. Lovely bottle and labelling also. Thanks. Will try Asia spice next time.

  33. Pip (verified owner)

    I’m loving this gin with fever tree tonic. Gorgeous bottle and my gin bottle stays full!

  34. Rochelle Tietze

    I am really enjoying this, after a long day at work I had a habit of a gin and tonic or wine, but now I have an alternative that tastes just as good, is healthier, (just trying to change the tonic to soda water) and I feel energized. thank you

  35. AJ (verified owner)

    This stuff is deliciousness in a glass! Although I was initially skeptical about what a london dry- non alcoholic spirit could do for me, I was glad to say my suspicions were unwarranted. It means I don’t get FOMO when everyone else is having a G&T and don’t get stuck sipping juice drinks all the time. I’m excited to try the Asian Spice variety next.

  36. Jenny Arscott (verified owner)

    Tastes like my usual alcoholic version and no reflux what a bonus

  37. Paul Pryor (verified owner)

    I enjoy a G&T or two, but don’t want to drink alcohol for a while, so was hoping Ecology London Dry would be a reasonable alternative. I’m pleased to say I am super impressed with it; sometimes I forget its not the ‘real’ thing. looking forward to sipping on it over the summer months especially. thanks.

  38. Mark Benjamin

    Great flavour. We love it when we want a refreshing G&T without alcohol.

  39. Corinne (verified owner)

    The perfect drink to have when you want a gin and tonic but don’t want to drink. I will be buying another bottle soon. So happy that this is a New Zealand product, it is great to support local, thanks for creating such a drinkable alternative to an alcoholic drink.

  40. Dawn (verified owner)

    I am very much a fan and after coming back and ordering from you 3 times, I’ve finally acknowledged that you have become a favourite tipple and I am a very happy VIP regular buyer. I love everything about your product – taste, bottle and label design, recipe ideas and great customer service. Yay to kiwi kitchen enterprise 🙂

  41. Maynah Goble

    Seriously a game changer! Such a refreshing drink that tastes exactly like gin! So happy to have found it.

  42. Kaye (verified owner)

    Great alternative. Very refreshing

  43. Raewen Perkins

    Refreshing and entirely authentic. So glad I discovered this product!

  44. Juliet (verified owner)

    Our new favourite summer drink. Fresh and clean flavours, great with tonic and lime. Also gave this as a gift to my pregnant sister in law and she loved it. I’m loving the trend for high end non alcoholic drinks and this is one of the best of them. Pretty bottle too.

  45. Suzanne McMeikan (verified owner)

    Great flavour. Found it better with a citrus based tonic rather than floral or herbal. Will definitely buy again.

  46. GG (verified owner)

    Loved it. And loved the bottle it comes in.

  47. Jacqui Burridge (verified owner)

    Absolutely love both the London Dry and the Asian Spice. Both remind me of other very famous gins, but without the alcohol which I no longer drink.
    All the taste, but without the hangover! Would give 6 stars if I could!! I recommend to anyone who will listen, I should be on commission!

  48. Silvia Williams (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful and delicious, really refreshing! A great alternative for sure. I really love your product and the design is stunning. I have already purchased 2 bottles and I am sure I will be buying another one soon! Fantastic drink, thank you!

  49. Fiona (verified owner)

    Love that I can still have a ‘drink’ with friends, even if I’m not drinking alcohol. Great tasting product, beautiful label design and excellent customer service.

  50. Jessica (verified owner)

    I have been very pleasantly surprised with the London Dry. I thought it would be lacking in flavour, but it was a wonderful aromatic taste and just as good, if not better, than a good gin. I’m certainly a convert, especially with elderflower syrup and a good tonic!

  51. Annie Liddall (verified owner)

    Loved it!
    My husband could not tell the difference between Ecology and Tanqueray’s!

  52. Anna

    Simply love it.

  53. Nigel (verified owner)

    Crisp and dry, although I preferred it with the twang of lemon. Great selection of cocktails!

  54. Adrienne

    Ecology London Dry tastes just like real gin. I have given it to visitors to drik without them knowing until after they had finished and they were all amazed at how great it tasted. A wonderful alternative if you are the dedicated driver and still want a part of the action.

  55. Debbie Ussher (verified owner)

    Love the taste of London Dry feels like I am drinking regular gin but without the alcohol and sugar. Am loving it with tonic or in a cocktail. This is now my go to gin

  56. Caitlin (verified owner)

    I bought this gin to share with my Mum who misses having gin and tonics. We have used this with just tonic or in a cocktail and in both ways it tastes amazing. Really easy to mistake it for regular gin, it tastes that good!

  57. Becky Lloyd (verified owner)

    Love the drink and love the brand. This has replaced my Friday night wine and it’s great to buy a NZ product.

  58. Jill Goodall (verified owner)

    Enjoying it and so nice to have a proper tasting gin without the concern about driving.

  59. Jo (verified owner)

    Doesn’t quite taste the way I thought, but that doesn’t make it any less palatable.

  60. Catherine (verified owner)

    Loving the guilt free gin this summer. Tastes great.

  61. Ruth Mills (verified owner)

    This is delicious! It’s a lovely guilt free sundowner. Since I drink it with plain soda water only, there’s no hiding the fact that it lacks the alcoholic warmth or bite of the real thing, but it’s soooo much better than any alternative non-alcoholic adult beverage out there – those are all too sweet for this chick.

  62. Miriam (verified owner)

    Decided to go alcohol free for a while and found this amazing “gin”. It tastes wonderful- better than actual gin and I dont feel like I’m missing out! Love the taste and the bottle is so pretty! It’s a game changer.

  63. LiseDoo (verified owner)

    Wow! An alcohol free drink that tastes ‘adult’ and isn’t sugary – Love it!

  64. Jo Duffy

    Fabulous product that lives up to its name.
    Easy to go alcohol free. So good to have a refreshing option that isn’t sugar/juice based. Thank you.

  65. Christine Stewart (verified owner)

    I’ve been looking for a healthy non alcoholic alternative and I have found it. Love it.Never really been a gin drinker but I am now. Will defintely be buying more.

  66. Janine (verified owner)

    I purchased this for a friend who doesn’t drink and was getting sick of orange juice or lemon lime and bitters. She loves to sit down with a gin and know its non alcoholic. Great taste.

  67. (verified owner)

    Love London Dry! Always been a gin drinker and this is perfect for those nights off when I still want something to sip on.

  68. Linda Waters (verified owner)

    Love the London Dry. My daughter introduced me to a different brand when I visited her in London 3 yrs ago and I was sold on the idea of a grownup non-alcohol drink that tasted great. I was delighted last year to find a NZ made one that tastes even better.

  69. Ruth (verified owner)

    Delicious! My new go to on my AFDs. It’s so good to finally find a grown-up drink that isn’t full of sickly sweet sugar. I have mine with plain soda so it really is guilt-free! Keen to try the Asian Spice now.

  70. jeff edbrooke (verified owner)

    Worth it

  71. Nikki Spin (verified owner)

    The best non-alcoholic gin I’ve tasted so far! And made in NZ, with no artificial sweeteners. I’ve tried it in some mocktails, but simply enjoy this one with some tonic, a slice of lemon and sprig of mint.
    Keep up the good work, folks.

  72. Lynda Mabin (verified owner)

    Love it. Smells like gin, tastes like a classic gin, but no hangover. Great for my 5-a-week alcohol-free days

  73. (verified owner)

    Finally a grown up af drink without all the sugar I use diet tonic and a slice of lemon

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