Mini Starter Pack

Mini Starter Pack


Introducing Ecology & Co. Mini Starter Pack, the perfect way to get acquainted with our alcohol-free beverages.

Included in this pack are 1 50-ml bottle each of our signature distilled spirits, London Dry and Asian Spice, as well as one can each of our signature prepared drinks, London Dry & Light Tonic and Asian Spice with Citrus Soda.

These products are expertly crafted to emulate the flavours and aromas found in alcoholic drinks, but without any of the associated risks.

For only $19.99 (including postage & packaging), discover the delicious flavours of our range and explore the new world of non-alcoholic craft beverages—perfect for those special occasions without having to miss out on the flavour!


Have a look at some of the more intricate cocktail creations featuring Ecology and Co. by An Nguyen!
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